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Working at Svea

A lot has happened since Svea was founded almost 40 years ago. We have grown from a small side project with only a few employees to an impactful fintech company with offices across Europe. As we have grown, we have taken advantage of the familiar feeling of the small company we have been, and combined it with the stability of the big company we have become.

Our industry today is so much more than bank offices and paper copies. To ensure that we stay at the forefront of technological development we are not afraid to invest in innovative services. But despite the fact that we are always ready to take on new challenges in the IT sector, we still attach great importance to personal contact with our customers. Because it is through personal contact that we can understand our customers' needs and create solutions that help them achieve their goals.

Optimism and an entrepreneurial spirit have permeated Svea from day one, and the ability to recognize and realize good ideas is one of the things that has led us to where we are today. We therefore encourage our employees to dare to believe in their ideas and share them with their colleagues, so that together we can make good ideas an even better reality.

Just as we have grown, we want to help our customers grow. To be able to do that, we understand that our employees also need room to grow and develop in their professional roles. Therefore, as an employee at Svea, you often have the opportunity to influence your place in the company yourself by expanding your role with more tasks and responsibilities as you gain new knowledge and experience.


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